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Page Organization Program
Jal Bhagirathi 129 Jal Bhagirathi Foundation
 Ecotact 130 Ecotact  Ikotoilet
 Dial 1298 130 Ziqitza Health Care Limited (ZHL)  Dial 1298 Ambulance
 MIA SLS 131 MIA Senior Living Solutions MIA Consulting
 Ashoka 132 Ashoka
 Acumen 133 Acumen Fund
 dlight 133 d.light
 kickstart-logo 133 KickStart
 Extreme Design 133 Stanford Entreprenurial Design for Extreme Affordability
 Ashoka 136 Ashoka Globalizer program
 Ashoka 137 Ashoka Ashoka Support Network
 AshokaU 137 Ashoka Ashoka University
 Save The Children 137 Save the Children
 Technoserve 137 TechnoServe
 UNICEF 137 United Nations UNICEF
 Endeavor 138 Endeavor
139 Aid to Artisan’s Lead-Free Alliance Program has ended.
 FB Heron 141 F.B.Heron Foundation
 EDF 145 Environmental Defense Fund
 Skoll Foundation 145 Skoll Foundation
145 Skoll Foundation’s Social Edge platform no longer exists. Past posts and similar information can be found at the next link.
 Skoll World Forum 145 Skoll Foundation Skoll World Forum
 Acumen 146 Acumen Fund
 Gates Foundation 146 Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
 Grameen Bank 146 Grameen Bank
 Ideo 146 Ideo
 Ideo 146 Ideo Ripple Effect



Page Organization Program
 SV2 154 SV2
 Robin Hood Foundation 157 Robin Hood Foundation
 BAWSI 159 Bay Area Women’s Sports Initiative (BAWSI)
 Palo Alto Institute 161 Palo Alto Institute
 New Profit 162 New Profit Inc.
 VPP 162 Venture Philanthropy Partners
 Giving Circles Network 163 Giving Circles Network
 Impact Austin 164 Impact Austin
 WFN 164 Women’s Funding Network
 Women Moving Millions 165 Women Moving Millions
 Doctos Without Borders 166 Doctors Without Borders
Institute for Philanthropy 166 Institute for Philanthropy  The Philanthropy Workshop and The Philanthropy Workshop West have merged with the Institute for Philanthropy.
Philanthropy Forum 167 Global Philanthropy Forum
 SVP 167 Social Venture Partners International



Page Organization
 Brett Family Foundation 175 Brett Family Foundation
 EDF 181 Environmental Defense Action Fund
181 The Twenty-First Century Foundation no longer exists.
 Center for Research solutions 182 Center for Resource Solutions
 mjaft 182 Mjaft!
 TobaccoFreeKids_Logo 183 Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids
 Ning 183 Ning
 WDN 185 Women Donors Network
 Political Research Associates 187 Political Research Associates
 WFCO-logo 187 Women’s Foundation of Colorado 
 bell_action_network 188 Bell Action Network
 Bell Policy Center 188 Bell Policy Center
 American Independent Institute 188 The American Independent News Network
 Annie E Casey 190 Annie E. Casey Foundation
 ArabellaAdvisors 190 Blueprint Research and Design has been acquired by Arabella Advisors  Arabella Advisors
 Center for Progressive Leadership 192 Center for Progressive Leadership
192 The White House Project no longer exists
 IHAD Boulder 193 I Have a Dream Foundation of Boulder County
 Community Foundation of Boulder 193 The Community Foundation Boulder County
 EARN 194 Economic Analysis and Research Network
 square logo-01 197 Giving 2.0