“You have everything you need right now to be an extraordinary philanthropist.”

Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen


The Giving 2.0 Chapter Network is a national network of college philanthropy clubs that develops college students’ philanthropic skills, knowledge and leadership through hands-on, experiential philanthropy education. Guided by a portfolio of LAAF-produced educational materials along with Laura’s book—Giving 2.0: Transform Your Giving and Our World—student chapters will engage in an actual fundraising and grantmaking process where they will learn to effectively motivate donors and assess nonprofits. The Giving 2.0 Chapter Network shows students that it is not about why, what or how much you give, but rather HOW you give that really matters.

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The Giving 2.0 Chapter Network is…
We provide…

Students will learn applicable skills and gain experience running programs that will be valuable for any social sector career.


Students will select a specific social issue to tackle and will contribute time, skills and resources to achieve target impact goals throughout the year.


Students will receive coaching and support from program staff, educational resources and how-to guides from Giving 2.0.


Students will be connected to a community of other strategic changemakers, at their school and across the country, and will furthermore build meaningful relationships with local social sector leaders.


Giving 2.0 Workshop Guides will lead students through a variety of creative and thought-provoking exercises to learn about strategic philanthropy and select a high-impact grantee.


LAAF will offer students a wide variety of “how-to” guides to provide additional support for conducting fundraising activities, nonprofit assessments, site visits and more.


Students will receive individualized coaching and support from LAAF program staff and will be connected to other college leaders to share best practices.


Student clubs will be eligible to apply for a matching grant to double the size of their grant (up to $2,000) through funds provided by the Learning by Giving Foundation and an Arrillaga-Andreessen Donor-Advised Fund at Silicon Valley Community Foundation.


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