In the last ten years, countless new opportunities, models, and organizations are dramatically changing the philanthropic landscape. Giving 2.0 shows how to navigate these oceans of possibilities, empowering you to move from reactive to proactive, sympathetic to strategic, and isolated to collaborative. No matter what, when, and why you give, Giving 2.0 will help you get the most out of your giving journey.

Giving 2.0 will provide you with in-depth guidance on these philanthropic tactics, along with dozens of others.

You might consider the following actions (explained in the book) as part of your giving journey:

Giving 2.0 gives you hundreds of practical tools and ideas to help you transform the way you give:

  • 270 proven ways to make your giving more meaningful – with your funds, your time, your skills, your networks, or your family
  • 55 fun opportunities to share the joy of giving with your children
  • 180 specific considerations help make your philanthropy matter more (both to you and those you aspire to help)
  • 50 exciting ideas to bring innovation into your giving
  • 280 key questions to help make your giving have greater impact

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Many more resources about everyday giving are all included in Giving 2.0. Get inspired today! 100% of author royalties will be donated to high-impact, innovative nonprofits.

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