Sally Osberg
Stanford Social Innovation Review

“Like many of her fellow students in the Stanford Graduate School of Business class of 1995, Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen felt a “burning desire” to be an entrepreneur. But while they parlayed their lessons in finance and management into dot-com business plans, she envisioned a venture of another stripe, one that would harness Silicon Valley’s newest wave of entrepreneurial energy and wealth for community benefit. “I wanted to do something different,” she writes. “Instead of establishing an organization to make money, I wanted to create one to give it away.” Three years later, she launched the Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund. Today, SV2 is thriving: successfully wooing, engaging, and educating generations of Silicon Valley talent, who are great at being go-getters, to become givers.

Founding SV2 marked the end of Arrillaga-Andreessen’s apprenticeship in philanthropy and launched her on the quest that inspired and informed Giving 2.0. Over the succeeding 15-plus years, the author immersed herself in the field: creating and teaching graduate business and undergraduate courses at Stanford University, commissioning case studies, serving on nonprofit boards, helping design Stanford’s Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society, interviewing hundreds of fellow travelers, and learning by giving herself. She has consistently upped the ante for her own philanthropy with every new lesson learned.”



Joanne Fritz

“…Laura [Arrillaga-Andreessen] is well positioned to overview the current state of charitable giving and has played many roles within it…from founding a nonprofit to setting up family foundations to volunteering and meeting a wide range of givers, industry insiders, and social ventureneers of all types.

Laura also understands the hearts of charitable people, no matter what their resources, pedigree, age, or position on the economic ladder. We all want the same things…to help, to make a difference, to bequeath a better world to our children.

What I liked especially about Laura’s book is that it fully engages with the web 2.0 world. It’s hard to remember that this new world of online everything is only about a dozen years old. Yes, we were finding our way around it, in what now seem like unbelievably awkward ways, back in the 90s (remember paying by the minute to access the web through AOL?), but the online world as we now glide around it is relatively new.

As the web has blossomed, so has the charitable world. Now nonprofits almost always have websites, and the number of giving “gateways” has grown to dozens from just a few only recently. It can be confusing for all of us, even as we love the variety and multitude of opportunities to give back…”



Victor Cheng
Author Extreme Revenue Growth”

“Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen’s Giving 2.0 provides an eye opening and practical read on new ways and methods to give. Here are my personal takeaways from Giving 2.0:

1) Anyone can be a philanthropist – if you give away $1 a year or 1 hour of your time, guess what? You’re a philanthropist.

2) You have much more to give than you think. Most people think of giving as giving money or time. But in Giving 2.0, you quickly realize that those definitions are much too narrow. Through dozens and dozens of examples and stories, you can see how contributing expertise, giving a loan (instead of a donation), volunteering online, giving to solve long term structural problems or giving to solve short-term emergency ones are all different ways of giving. WIth so many new options available, and so many examples that pave the way, it’s easier than ever to give in a way that’s make sense for you…”